The Bowcut Family

The Bowcut Family

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bye Bye January and Hello February

I am glad that month is behind me. What a month. I first bummed my knee excercising, then we found out my dad has Melanoma cancer, and then I got swine flu. I am still recovering, from my knee and swine flu. My dad had surgery and seems to be doing okay.
Caleb has started his basketball season and is so much fun to watch. Josh wasn't able to play there wasn't a opening this year. Jessica is finishing up her cheer, we went and watched her friday night. She is really a cute cheerleader and does a great job. Haylee started piano lessons with a new teacher. Her old teacher moved away. It has been a busy crazy start of a new year.


Kim said...

waiting for a new post...not so patiently. just teasin! I know how life gets!