The Bowcut Family

The Bowcut Family

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To be Lazy or Not to be Lazy

A couple of days ago we were getting a little frustrated over the kids and their slacking off. It feels like we give and give and they just take. Everytime we ask them to help do something we hear complaining. So Mike said to Josh, you are just lazy, and this was Josh's reply. "Just because we don't like to do anything doesn't mean we are lazy." At that point me and Mike just started laughing which of course mad Josh even madder. So the kids have the new rules and so far it is working out. No T.V. or video games, no friends, no computer, no phone, unless their beds are made, their clothes are put away, bedrooms cleaned and bonus room picked up. This is great that it came from Mike. I have tried these things before and it neve works but with him it does. YIPPPEEEE!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Lori. I hope you have a super day.

I don't know about the rest of you, but my life has been so crazy and hectic lately. Between running Jessica to the highschool for games and practices, the boys in basketball, Haylee in piano and gymnastics with Jessica and not to mention activity days and scouts. A couple of nights a week I am having to be 3 places all at 6. How does one do this, you meet your husband in a parking lot somewhere and divide and conquer. Sometimes one of the kiddo's is usually late. We'll I am off once again to volunteer in Josh's class. I am really craving some me time.

I am trying to get better with my blogging skills. I wish there was a class that could offer on blogging. Kim I may be calling you. I want to know how to do cute headers and some cute fonts. The fonts you get through blogger aren't the funnest.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Morning!!
Christmas Morning the kiddo's are waiting to come downstairs.

Christmas Eve night.

A highlight of the evening Haylee played Silent Night for us. It was beautiful.

A big shocker new jammies.

The kids and their Christmas Eve gifts.

Our Christmas Eve progression dinner with the Hatch's and Bender's.

Josh and his friend Andrew playing Army in the snow.

Haylee in the snowbank in our driveway, during a slow period of snow falling. Mike worked really hard to keep on top of the driveway.
The Christmas picture that never made it into my christmas cards. The photo places were really backed up, but I finally mailed them on December 31st. I guess better late than never.

The snow is beginning to fall and the kids are anticipating a late start in school. We'll late start indeed. Their last full day of school was December 12th. The kids have been out for 3 weeks. The big fun snow storm that lasted past christmas and paralyzed Seattle.

Making the Christmas Trees a Bowcut tradition, this would be the first batch.

The kids made their countdown chains, Jessica didn't make one but helped Caleb with his.

Cutting down the christmas tree notice the shorts it was a nice day.